Restaurant complex GALA - Ресторанный комплекс "ГАЛА"

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"GALA" - restaurants, with a special atmosphere, here you can find all things: from soft and pleasant folk music evenings, to a vibrant and dynamic live music at the wedding Banquet.
Skilled chefs of the restaurant as always await preparing awesome, fragrant meat, chincua fresh vegetables. Spices, herbs, this magnificent, unique flavor Caucasian bread with salt - all this abundance awaits every guest who had looked into it truly a Paradise.
My head is spinning, and when you approach the restaurant, begin to clearly manifest the spicy aromas of green, thin, intoxicating smell of fine cognacs and of course, tender grilled meat and baked fish. Taking into account the fact that each dish is cooked in a truly unique recipe, which cannot be found in any book on cooking, lovely evening is guaranteed.


We accept orders for banquets, weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties. We offer services decoration of the hall, photo, video, live music, tamada.

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